Municipality of Breda

Breda is a Dutch city in the western part of the province of North Brabant (The Netherlands).

Gemeente Breda (Municipality of Breda)


Breda has traditionally been the main city of West Brabant. It was the capital of the Barony of Breda, which also included Roosendaal, Etten-Leur and Oosterhout. The city has a rich history. The municipality is the third administrative tier in the Dutch state system, after the central government and the Dutch provinces. The organisation and administration of municipalities are regulated by the Municipalities Act (Gemeentewet).

Project description

Technical Developer

Providing technical support in developing and managing the Digital Front Desk of the municipality of Breda. Also designing and implementing an internal telephone guide for the employees of the municipality.

Project Dates

  • March 2015 - March 2018

Project Tasks

  • Implementation
  • Technical Design
  • Documentation
  • Testing

Project Keywords

Service Oriented Architecture, e-forms, Phone, Browser, Server, TriplEforms, Documentation, DigiD, Web, ASP.Net, MidOffice, Broker, GIS, Connections, SQL