Pinch & Zoom


Welcome to our first blog article about app development. In this and future blogs we will try to provide you with tips, code snippets and tricks for developing Universal Windows Platform (UWP) or Xamarin apps. Sometimes we also run into a problem where the solution is not so easy to search and find on the internet/Google. That is why we also will try to write down any work-around or solution we have found in these blogs to help you find a code snippet more quickly.

Pinch to zoom

This first blog will help you add pinch and zoom to an Image Control in an UWP application. 

You all know the functionality of your default Photo app in Windows 10 (mobile) where you pinch to zoom the picture with two of your fingers. This is a nice feature you want to have in your own app when working with images too. But the default Image control in the Windows 10 development kit does not have that kind of functionality out of box. You need to implement it yourself. You can do that by custom coding those features by subscribing to several events of the Image Control or by using this neat tip to make it a little bit more easy.